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“We came to see what’s in the market and make sure stay with the times. What’s coming up in 2022 that we should know about? It’s the best way to find out about the newest products from businesses we may not otherwise connect with, and also see the full range of services available from our current suppliers. Sometimes we miss them when their representatives come out, so it’s a great place to catch up, too. We especially like the gaming products”
Shane and Mel, Vikings
“This is our first time here. We cater to RSLs, clubs and pubs so yesterday was our exact clientele. We met up with some of our existing clients, and also started speaking to new ones. It’s a good opportunity to be shown in the industry and collaborate with other exhibitors. We put some furniture on Artistic Flooring’s stand in a previous year, and just by standing there for an hour I got one client - and they’re probably our major client to this day. So far, we’ve probably got about $1 million of project leads from this expo. Since COVID, we’ve re-evaluated where we spend our marketing money. It’s been really good. It’s great because they’re qualified leads - they’re actually here because they’re doing a refurb. They haven’t seen a lot of our products before and they’re impressed with the quality, so it’s been nice to hear that.” ”
Luke and Lynnette Chalmers, Crafted Collective
“It’s been great to attend the expo and meet so many venues, and see the attendance as a whole. The feedback has been amazing - visitors to our stand have shown genuine interest in our offering, and we’ve had a lot of people who didn’t previously know how Bunnings Trade could assist them with their businesses. It’s been great to show people what we do. We have state-by-state commercial teams to continue offering more support and commercial guidance after the expo is over.”
Nicole and Sarah, Bunnings Trade
“We love seeing what the market has to offer. It’s been a couple of years so we’ve been eager to get back here and see what’s new and different in the industry. We’ve been to the AHG Expo many times in the past, so it’s great to catch up with people. A lot of what we’re looking for here has to do with technology, as that space is constantly changing. We like to see what will be good value for us, and what’s available that we might not know about. Especially the technology around service - there are so many new ways for us to have better control around staff support and training, eCash services and other ways to enhance our tech. It’s good to see whether we need to change anything. Oh, and the Riva ice cream is great!”
Darren and Peter, Club Forster

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